What is a good advertising?

What is a good advertising?

Nowadays, advertising industry is one of the most profitable business areas, able to satisfy customer needs. Advertising has become a part of our daily life, for instance, for entrepreneurs is a profitable way to success, for consumers – a helpful way to choose faster and easier to make a decision.

Advertising is impersonal way of conveying information. Also we could say, that is one of the type of applied art, where we can find psychology, sociology or even antropology.

Creativity, good idea always were an important thing for good advertisement. Moreover, no less important thing is to know yours consumers needs for whom you will create the advertisement. Well, for the definition of what is good advertisement, I would like to quote the words of advertising father, Leo Burnett, who said: “let advertisement will be simple, memorable, let everyone will watch and read willingly“.

These days, advertising agencies are focused specially on visual contexts of advertisement, for instance, usually in the advertisements we can see only young, healthy and beautiful people. The advertisement goal is clear, because everyone seeks to live in a perfect world. Moreover, advertising brings our dreams into reality, and this presents us positive emotions.

Furthermore, if we want to create good advertisements no less important are colors. These days we will see a lot of bright, colorful, eye-catching advertisements, which can affect our subconscious.

Research about advertisements confirms, that every colour has different affect on human, that is why one colour can attract attention, while others begin to tease. Moreover, we know, that attention, which attracted by visual aids, is unconscious and short, but after a few seconds, the attention can move to the next stage and become conscious attention (the consumer is trying to understand the content of advertisement).

The main purpose of advertising is to attract consumer´s attention and keep it, making consumer´s feel the desire to buy and ultimately carried out this action. All of these steps makes a huge impact on the human senses, his perception, attention, memory, thinking and other absorption processes.

by: Kristyna Kovalevska / Studiobox Viseu-Portugal

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